Recommended Products


We get a lot of questions in class, about ‘Should I get pepper spray?’ or ‘What type of X would you recommend?’ So we’ve gathered a small list of items a for you.


I have been sprayed with pepper spray several times in my life and I will tell you that a direct hit of this stuff is generally pretty effective. Do be aware that nothing is guaranteed, it is still possible for a determined attacker to function after being hit. Survive and Escape, do NOT stick around and admire your work. I recommend gel/foam types, as they are known to stick around longer, but all types are effective. Most canisters will spray 10-15 feet. I recommend you buy an extra one or two, to familiarize yourself with how it functions, removing the safety cap, and general range.


Whistles. Everyone knows what they are, but often times they are neglected, left to gym teachers and life guards. Whistles can play a huge role in an emergency situation, loudly and clearly alerting people, attracting much needed attention to a potentially dire situation. Pea-less whistles tend to be more reliable, as there are no moving parts. Simply raise it to your mouth and let the world hear your song.