Class Options


Basic - $125

The AAI Basic Course will have classroom teaching, exposing you to an overview of class objectives, definitions, and the continuum of survival and the four risks of personal safety. We will discuss various topics and options that you face in your day to day lives. We will intermingle physical defense training, stances, kicks, strikes, and defensive maneuvers. There will be an optional “Red-man” simulation time where you will have the opportunity to practice what you have learned in a controlled simulation environment against a trained aggressor (“Red-man").


Kids - $95

The AAI KIDS course is a very comprehensive course of safety education based on real life situations. We will provide students with skills, tactics, information and considerations that we believe are useful in fending off abuse, abduction or attempted assault. It walks the students through various scenarios, allowing them to put into practice the skills they are learning, instilling confidence and reducing the possibility of adverse physical control or harm.


Advanced - $175

The AAI Advanced course will be, primarily, an all physical defense class where we build upon the self-defense tactics covered in Basic. You will learn ground defense, using multiple striking combinations, and basic weapon training. It is required that an individual take the Basic class before you go on to the Advanced class unless you have an instructors written approval.

One of these courses catch your eye? Email at us and let us know and we will get you into the next available course.