Educate. Equip. Empower

Our Mission

To provide educational opportunities for women and children, and empower them to create a safer environment

AAI will provide classroom instruction to increase risk awareness, reduce and recognize further risks, and learn to avoid them when possible. We will then move into a physical defensive time of instruction to learn how to fend off an attacker(s).

Never underestimate the power awareness holds on the world around you.
— Austin Johnson

Why we do it

AAI ‘s primary focus is the 4 risks of personal safety, risk awareness- alert minded, risk reduction, removing the opportunity, risk recognition and avoiding those risks. 

Students will learn to trust their personal perceptions using their “gift of fear”, becoming aware of the risks that surround them in their daily life. Making wise choices to reduce those risks, and recognizing when they are in an ‘at risk’ situation. We will help them avoid these situations whenever possible, but when they are presented the individual will be more equipped to survive and escape.

As students become more comfortable with the tactics, their confidence will grow. They will have developed muscle memory, so in the case of an attack their reactions will be more effective. We will walk through the “what if’s…” by focusing on positive mental images. 

Women will begin to develop a plan of action in their personal surroundings creating a safer environment for themselves and possibly their children.
The average time a women has to fend off an attack is 3-5 seconds.
87% of survivors resisted sexual assault or rape.

Who We Are


Danielle Dean is the president and founder of Abduction Awareness Initiative (AAI), LLC. She holds a masters degree in Crisis and Trauma Counseling, an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice, an Advanced certification in Self-Defense and is certified to teach children’s self-defense. She began the business as a means to equip, educate and empower women and children on the principles of personal safety, situational awareness, and self-defense tactics. She has taught numerous classes to the public at the local college, various high schools, police departments and to women and children throughout the community.